Some thing smells in Dinnington

Just over a year ago the council offices in Dinnington closed. The Dinnington Town council applied to the borough council to have it placed on the list of community assets, Rotherham Borough council turned down the application. Yet low and behold councillors Falvey and Havenhand, who by the way voted to sack council youth workers, help a private organisation get their hands on our building. In the words of J.A.D.E. “the proposal to secure the site started months ago”. Up until September last year J.A.D.E was a private company it then got charity status. This was obviously a deliberate ploy because they have secured the building under what is called a Community Asset Transfer. They had to be a charity in order for this to happen. Now the sister act that is councillors Falvey and Havenhand are not only borough councillors they are also Dinnington town councillors. So whilst they were agreeing with the town councils attempt to secure the building for Dinnington with one hand they were helping J.A.D.E secure it with the other. J.A.D.E, Falvey and Havenhand will tell us, using inflated figures, how many young people they help. This gets away from the the real point, the building should have been given to the people of Dinnington, who by the way have had no say on this decision, for the use of the people of Dinnington. Not to a private organisation, this is privatisation of our services through the back door. J.A.D.E getting this building has never been on a Dinnington Town council agenda so it could be debated. Dinnington Town council has handed over £10,000 of our money to J.A.D.E whilst putting our local rates up by 3.7%. To have your say on this matter come to the parish meeting in the Lyric on 14th April at 7pm.

About dave4dinnington

I am a retired Dinnington miner during the miners strike I was the N.U.M branch president. I am married with four grown up children, eight grandchildren and one great granddaughter. I am very interested in politics, especially local politics. I also like to help raise money for the Macmillan charity.
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