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Who knew what in Dinnington about child Sexual Exploitation

Who Knew what in Dinnington Continue reading

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First Dinnington Parish Meeting

I attended the first Dinnington Parish Meeting on Monday night. A lot of you who may have wanted to be there wouldn’t have known about it, thanks to the lack of publicity by the town council. I was there because … Continue reading

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Some thing smells in Dinnington

Just over a year ago the council offices in Dinnington closed. The Dinnington Town council applied to the borough council to have it placed on the list of community assets, Rotherham Borough council turned down the application. Yet low and … Continue reading

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Before and After

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Has anyone seen the article in this weeks Rotherham Advertiser about Dinnington, the pit and the village. I would like to hear what you thought of it.

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The Budget

Strange how Osborne in his budget speech stated that the government have frozen council tax and yet Rotherham council have increased it by 1.9%.

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with a Labour council like ours who needs Tories

How hard are your Labour Borough councillors working for you? What have they done for you over the last year? Cut youth services, so our teenagers have no where to go. Sacked over a thousand workers, including carers for the … Continue reading

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